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a jewish word for a screw up/reject...
what do you mean you can't get me the money you schmuck
by TBSman January 27, 2003
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The word schmuck is only one of the many words in the English language. It has many meanings. It's true meaning is "an idiot or dimwitted fool". Using its Jewish meaning is simply an insult to give to a stupid friend, family member, or co worker.

Its most common meaning is used to replace fuck, the "f" word. Replacing fuck is used in many ways. As direct insults, sexual content, a noun, a verb, an adjective, a command, outdoor play, to change the meaning of the word, or the only word in the sentence.
Jewish term: Jacob is a schmuck.
As an insult meaning fuck: Schmuck you!
As a noun: You are ugly as schmuck.
As a verb: John schmucked Shirley.
As an adjective: This is really schmucky.
As a command: Shut the schmuck up!
As outdoor play: Why don't you go outside and play hide and go schmuck yourself?
Changing meaning: Unschmuckingbeleivable or Inschmuckingcredible.
As the only word in the sentence: Schmuck the schmucking schmuckers. Schmuck you you mother schmucking schmucker.
by Valsha Taylor April 26, 2009
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Literally meaning "jewellery" or "treasure", the yiddish word "schmock"/"shmock"/"shmuck" is usually used to refer to a cocksucking faggot or, if used with a possessive, to a mere cock. Other common yiddish slang words for a mantool are "schtick" and "putz". Each of them bears a slightly different connotation.
Aaron:"Berel is such a shmock!"
Yan:"A shmock indeed and a nebbish and a kaffer. He's been seen sucking putz for mos!"
Aaron:"Yeah, I've heared that mayse. He's meshugge!"
Yan:"He certainly is!"

Miryam:"Berel, stop scratching your schmuck! that's disgusting."
Berel:"Be still, woman! I scratch what I want."
Miryam:"Yea. Nor nisht in public, Berel. Nisht in public!"
by haDurak March 13, 2009
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Alternative for f**k. Also a jew word meaning penis.
"What the schmuck??"

"Shut the schmuck up!"
by KingofSchmuck March 03, 2009
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Someone you hold in the contmept, generally has a lot of money is a bit arrogant and always a pain in your ass.
As far as i can tell it was coined by jewish bakers in new york
fuckin' schmuck (mumbling)
by Spike rules June 03, 2006
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metaphorical term for someone who often receives much heartache from a significant other, yet remains cheerful and cordial towards them; even maintaining friendship with that person after a break up
Dustin's girlfriend treated him like a dog, then dumped him, but he still drives her to work everday. What a schmuck!
by Dustin April 10, 2005
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Jewish origin:
A typical guy. Horny, selfish, and immature in nature, doesn't care about a girls feelings and will do anything to get laid. Possibly a cheater or a rumor-spreader, hated by the female gender.
Janet: "Why is Bill being such a schmuck? I can't believe we only broke up 2 days ago and he's already going out with that slut."
Gabby: " Like, OMG girl! You are SOO too good for him! And by the way, i am NOT a slut! Screw you!"
by mysterious writer June 10, 2004
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