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A symbol representing a biological hazard is around, take extreme precautions to this sign, area's may be contaminated...
My tattoo is a biohazard symbol.
by Blicka January 01, 2006
70 17
A decent rap metal band. Sounds like a mix between PanterA and Beastie Boys.
Check out the song "Domination", its great.
by [mike] May 30, 2005
40 25
Resident Evil in Japan. While the name in the U.S. is Resident Evil, it's also known as Biohazard in Japan.
Dude yesterday I got Biohazard 4 for my Gamecube... man it kicks so much ass...
by RTJ1987 January 27, 2006
33 20
a person who is clearly ill and doesn't have enough sense or concern for those around them to stay home from work and out of the general public. Also applys to someone who injures them-self and instead of cleaning the wound and covering it walks around with blood dripping as if it is a badge of honor. No one wants to come in contact with your bodily fluids!!!
Man, you are a frickin' biohazard! Go home before you get us all sick!
by #1 germaphobe March 19, 2009
11 3
Someone who will give you their entire life story at the slightest provocation.
"She had me cornered for an hour, telling me about her childhood; she's such a bio-hazard."
by Pages2Type February 04, 2010
8 1
to fart on ones hand then smear it on someone elses face, preferable the nose and mouth
I gave johnny a killer bio hazard.
by Jack Manzo September 02, 2003
8 8
The sickest guitarist in the world, from Blind Deaf.
Yo, did you hear Blind Deaf last night? Yeah, Biohazard fucking wailed!!!
by DJ ChickenGoblin October 06, 2007
6 9