1. the most amazing food in the word made from mashed up piggys rapped in edible plastic tubing. tis rather scrummy.

2. ~hand a hand with fat, fat fingers
these sausages are scrummy

you have sausage hands, can i eat your fingers?
by Squelchypants November 29, 2003
The art of having your way with a family member.
Daddy would you like some sausage?
by Misled_Monkey February 12, 2003
A warning to other males in the room when your droppin your draws so they don't see any weens.
"Yoo Somerville I'm takin a shower now, sausage!" (Somerville will then turn around so he doesn't see his roomate's dick)
by G-Burg's Finest March 31, 2007
a word that is used in north london as a random word in a conversation, also can be used as anoter form of "no", or "i dont care/i dont mind"
(person 1)OMG-Arsenal won the cup
(person 2)Sausage
by seriouslyretardedguy February 28, 2007
A word used by a male when he sees an attractive female. It is usually said when with a group of friends in a club and it is clearly said in two parts. SAU-SAGE! After a while women realise what it means and it can't be used anymore!
If that guy says sausage at me once more i'll rip his damn balls off, see what he says then!!!
by Mike 'Wheels' Robinson August 16, 2006
An extremely tight fitting t-shirt that leaves the wearer with the feeling of being encased in a sausage skin. Sometimes known as "painted on" in some circles.
I like a nice fitted t-shirt, but I can't stand a sausage.
by Andrew Fletcher August 09, 2006
A suffix which adds greater emphasis than sauce.
by Paul June 18, 2006

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