A meat product which comes in cylindrical form, usually composed of various animal products.
Put some sausage between these buns, please.
by crunk nigga holla October 11, 2005
a food-like product which consists of animal parts you'd rather not know
"I'm gonna eat a sausage"
by D to the K October 20, 2003
An insult used to call someone a "loser".
You are such a sausage
by Constantine Voyages January 06, 2004
A large winkie.
"You supply the sausage, I'll supply the buns." - M Barrymore
by Anonymous April 03, 2003
A person who loves eating sausages, especially hot dogs,the bonus being weddings and funerals as thers always a plate full.
I might have known, "Sausage has polished off all the sausages on sticks", "greedy bastard". Poor Linda,s missed out again..
by Mr. Bute October 27, 2007
A delicious meat that may or may not be used to be smoked by some complex people. The fact that it's a greasy meat helps providing a delectable flavour.
I've got to smoke my daily SAUSAGE, does anyone have a lighter...?
by Bat-man November 01, 2005
one with a penis, one with a large sausage is referred to a jumbo hot dog
OMG WTF IS THAT!!!!! Its nothin baby now go back to sleep
by kmel February 22, 2003

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