A big and beefy person.
Dan is such a Sausage.
by Mr. Phillips March 21, 2005
Describes an attractive woman to male friends when the said woman is in close vicinity
The young lady was completely unaware that the group of boys were admiring her good looks when they all started talking about "sausage"
by tom March 11, 2004
A huge shit left in the toilet or urinal.
Timmy left a huge sausage in the toilet.
by Tom McFinney April 26, 2007
used in the place of a large snake.
That sausage was huge and it swam in the water.

Sausages can swallow eggs whole.
by katttttttieeeeeee March 19, 2005
A very large dick.(duh)
Damn he had a huge ass sausage.
by Bobg March 07, 2005
When my friends and I go out hunting for guys, we yell "Here sausage, sausage, sausage!"
by Erin March 10, 2003
Noun. A large woman.
Those girls we saw at the club were such sausages!
by anonymous March 06, 2005

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