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To repeatedly slap a sausage on a persons face when they are sleeping in order to confuse them into thinking it is a penis.
Dude i took a picture of you gettin sausaged last night.
by RemiKurtJoelNickBillJohnErrol August 08, 2006
Unwantingly getting a male waiter in a restaurant, especially if there are attractive female wait staff working. Typically used by males.
Dude, I was stoked about the hot hostess who sat us down but then we got totally sausaged when they gave us a mail waiter!
by msong November 09, 2010
The act of having squeezed one's self into excessively tight clothing to the point where one cannot move and the buttons are screaming for mercy often resulting in an unflattering look.
She sausaged herself into the jeans she wore in high school resulting in a muffin top!
by Leftie Luci September 14, 2009
Not as excessive as being platooned or burted, but to have one's insides slightly rearranged as a result of alcohol consumption, bodily abuse, violent behaviour or a combination of sorts.
"Burty woke up one morning, still in lanark, but quite definitely a little sausaged from last nights exploits."

"Chris ordered up a double, a little sausaged after the beating he had taken at rugby earlier in the day."
by kramssor April 25, 2009

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