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Inside the perimeter. Used in Atlanta to let people know you live inside the 285 beltway or "Ther Perimeter". Opposite of OTP, Outside the Perimeter - of course.

Many ITP'ers like to shun the OTP'ers.
I hate commuting 400 ITP every day! I sure wish I could find a great job OTP.
by Timmy April 11, 2005
I.T.P.= Intent To Party

You say it when you just want to get wasted and party like a rockstar.
"Were going to Jared's this weekend with hella I.T.P."


by Slappin Poot January 27, 2010
"in this picture"

Used much as one would use the acronym "ITT:"
ITP: A chick trying her hardest to look just like every other Myspace chick in existence.
by The One and Only Emo Emu October 20, 2007
In the pants, can be used as a sexual term when a guy sees a hot girl and declares to a buddy what he would like to do to her. Can also be used to state where you love someone.
God dammit I'd love to have that ITP.
by Caz_B November 03, 2007
Stands for "In The Pussy." A woman you want to fuck so much, you'll take the risk of injecting semen into her. Hence, "in the pussy."
Zeke: Look at that! Mwuah!

by Kracky McKraken June 20, 2009
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