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A girl who always eats disgusting, foul-smelling foods such as sausages, cold cuts and onions. Thats EXACTLY the kind of girl you don't wanna kiss.
Oh yuck, you kissed Holly?! She's a god damn sausager!
by P.R. September 12, 2007
dude or chick who is a super weener. with douchy-like personality and most likely to sport tribal band tattoos.
a sausager is someone who is lame and smells of foul cheap cologne.

for a good example, watch "Jersey Shore".
by Anti-Sausager August 11, 2010
A girl with a strong love for foods like onions and sausage.
They smell of armpit and man.
"Man, i'm glad the internet doesent have a smell machine, Because holly is a dirty sausager."
by Zombie jamboree January 15, 2008
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