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Slow-Ass Person(s). Anyone, not necessarily senior citizen(s), who slow you down on the street, in a public place, or on the bus, train, ferry, or in a car, when you need to get somewhere in a hurry.
Mr. Weinstein, could you please tell Mr. Colavito that I'll be coming to work late? I have a SAP slowing me down on the ferry---if he doesn't move his butt faster, I'll miss the boat!
by pentozali June 10, 2012
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A person who is a pissed-off grouch with no consideration for others. Saps typically drink expresso/coffee all the time. They are also extremely antagonistic.
Look at Aaron, coming into work with an expresso, looking all pissed off. He's a SAP!
by bingb0nggg May 09, 2010
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Small Asian Penis: a derogatory term, saying that the smallest of the smallest penises are considered asian penises
girl 1: so how'd it go with you and Mike last night?
girl 2: it was horrible. i was about to give him a blow job but when i pulled down his pants he had S. A. P. it was so small
by michael mitchel April 16, 2010
1 3
A fat ass dip of snuff; origin comes from football player Warren Sapp, who tends to have a fat one in at times
Hey chach, u got a sap?
by Hatz March 07, 2005
3 5
Self Appointed Popular, someone who is really popular but everyone hates them.
Kristy: "Omg she's such a SAP!"
Lisa: "Yeaah, whata bitch!"
by miss vanity . September 14, 2009
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SAP= (Stupid Ass Pussy)

In the streets of Singapore,Asia, one is reffered to as a SAP when one acts Stupid, an Ass, and a Pussy at the same time.

This slang was created by Japanese rapper Monkey King whilst recording his album, and has since spread all around the city to be used to refer to saps.
'man, just go talk to that girl, why you being such as a SAP about it?'

'you ain't gonna try and fight me, we all know you got alot of SAP in you'

'yo you were just born with that sapness'

(when someone cant down a pint of beer) 'ahhh you SAP!'
by JerrySG July 26, 2009
11 14
The substance that comes out of your man tree, i.e. sperm.
Natedogg, you'd better have been climbing a freakin' tree. You have sap all over your shorts bro.
by Mavericklax4 April 27, 2007
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