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A guy who likes to dress like a bum and/or smells funky with his hair all messed up. Speaks words like "dud-a", "los-a", "sweet-a".
"Look here comes twailo, what's up dud-a?"

"OMG, that twailo is searching the recycle bin again"
by KwZ September 26, 2005
(verb) when you lie all the time and have sloppy excuses about everything
Tha president is nicoleefing again about his low taxes and stuff.

Stop nicoleefing and tell me the truth.

You should nicoleef to them.
by KwZ September 11, 2005
In World Of Warcraft a technique used by rogues to let people stunned for 30-50 seconds.
OMG, I just got sapped by a rogue at mill!!!111
by KwZ September 19, 2005

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