Sad And Pathetic
You are a SAP
by Anonymous October 23, 2003
When you see a person looking sad or down.
"Man what's wrong with him today, over there looking sap."
by Ms.Johnson January 11, 2014
An adjective and acronymn. stands for Stupid And Poor. Usually in reference to someone who is annoying, unoriginal, and pretends to fit it.
Juan is so full of BS.
Yea, he is so SAP.
by HonestDave April 06, 2010
SAP is an acronym for "Stress Anxiety Pain".
The feelings felt when implementing or using SAP software for the first time, and second time, and third time, and ...
by Sappy January 11, 2007
Stabbing Ass Pain - the most intense, excrutiating sharp pain that originates at the anal opening, comes on unexpectedly, and causes you to squeeze your butt cheeks shut, hoping to cut off the pain before it continues to shoot up into your upper ass area. generally very embarrassing, as it has a tendency to occur in public situations.
by WigglesMe November 23, 2006
The first of the two EPs Alice in Chains put out. It's way different than their other stuff, seeing how it's all acoustic. Since it's an EP, it's pretty short, being only four songs long (Five if you count the hidden track). There also a few guest singers on Sap as well, notably Chris Cornell and the singer from Heart. Unlike Alice in Chains' previous album, Facelift, Sap seemed to trade loud and fast electric guitar for slower rhythyms and more meaningful lyrics.
Sap's an great EP. The hidden track on it sure did piss off a bunch of people.
by Rastablowtorch September 19, 2005
To mess up your chances of hooking up with a member of the opposite sex by acting foolish at the last minute.
"I had her in bed, but then I told her that I just wanted a physical relationship and she bolted!" "Wow, you sure saps that one up."
by jason July 11, 2003

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