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Crowd of friends from the street, ghetto, hood, club, block, or other.
Fo Sizzle my homedizzle
by CJ Henry April 01, 2004
746 205
A friend or close friend very down to do anything you are always has your back and respects you.
Yo me an my homies fucked up that wanksta last night at harby's liqour over on the corner of 5th and general.
by Wigglez April 17, 2004
530 189
The dudes who go through your fridge without asking.
The dudes who smile as they call you a bitch or a dumbass.
The dudes who kick you when you’re down.
The dudes who tell you to “snap out of it” when you’re really down.
The dudes who ride with you ‘till the motherfuckin’ end.
I got mad love for my homies.
by Forever Remain September 02, 2008
410 133
a friend
yo homy
by MC Sugar Britches May 22, 2003
130 61
Refers to fallen soldiers or dead friends (particularly those slain in gang violence). This usage originated in Pittsburgh's East End community Homewood.
- I smashed dat broad last night.
- Put that on da homies cuz
- Homies I hit that.
by H-dub hood star August 15, 2006
178 146
Little urban action figures which are sold in gumball machines in fine restaurants. They come in different series, with the most recent series featuring the addition of bobble-heads.
Do you have fifty cents? I would really like some homies.
by Charlie White April 08, 2003
236 219
close friends that usually wear adidas tracksuits, are of russian and italian descent, and only go to bars that offer dollar bud light nights.
homies 1 hey you want to go get some bud lights tonight.

homies 2 hells yea bud light be right, let me put on my track suit and i will see you there.

homies 1 hell yea bud light.
by 1homies September 28, 2010
37 31