Stalking Attractive People

If you're on Facebook, looking around at various attractive people.
Rick: Hey man, what you doing?
Brad: Not much, just SAPping Karen.
by Breck'N'Ryder June 26, 2010
An acronym for soon as possible, useful when you don't have time to write/text ASAP (as soon as possible). Also reduces spoken form of ASAP to one syllable, which in the course of a lifetime may save months of wasted speech.
txt me SAP
by OpiatedONE May 26, 2010
stupid ass person
That s.a.p. didn't know the difference between being funny and being stupid.
by one real S.A.P. for submitting October 25, 2009
drinking or sipping an alcoholic beverage in a social atmosphere.
Yo dog, you down to sap on some brew tonight?
by bpchampionoftheworld June 09, 2009
a phrase for "just kidding", generally used after making a sarcastic remark or joke.
"Yo, you smell like a stank ass monkey, SAP!"
by monkeybusiness88 September 11, 2007
Sad And Pathetic
You are a SAP
by Anonymous October 23, 2003
When you see a person looking sad or down.
"Man what's wrong with him today, over there looking sap."
by Ms.Johnson January 11, 2014

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