An acronym for soon as possible, useful when you don't have time to write/text ASAP (as soon as possible). Also reduces spoken form of ASAP to one syllable, which in the course of a lifetime may save months of wasted speech.
txt me SAP
by OpiatedONE May 26, 2010
drinking or sipping an alcoholic beverage in a social atmosphere.
Yo dog, you down to sap on some brew tonight?
by bpchampionoftheworld June 09, 2009
a unit of measure for a player's character/efficiency/balance/agility/humility/intelligence/height/ethics/morals/identity/carbon emissions/default risk/dexterity/buoyancy
Guy 1: "Did you see that guy take all the tip money off the bar last night?"

Guy 2: "Yea, that guy has a serious sap deficiency."
by tinsleyblowsdudes April 26, 2009
A hand-held weapon that was originally developed in medieval times that consisted of a five pound chain-mail bag full of metallic chunks that could be used to deliver sub-dual damage. Today, it has be redeveloped as a rubber impact weapon.
There's a spy sappin' my sentry!
by Theo Hux September 29, 2008
a phrase for "just kidding", generally used after making a sarcastic remark or joke.
"Yo, you smell like a stank ass monkey, SAP!"
by monkeybusiness88 September 11, 2007
Abbreviation for Sexually Active Pot Smoker made up by two 8th grade students at Mogaodre Jr. High in an attempt to "make a funny" about two girls who are neither sexually active or pot smokers. This is probably the stupidest thing that they could say about these innocent girls seeing as one of them is cross-eyed and the other is a fat and ugly with a missing tooth.
Look at those girls sitting at that lunch table, they are such SAPS, they make me sick. Why dont they just shut up and go suck some cock followed by a doowop for penis sake!
by Cayli Jomnes February 20, 2005
Sad And Pathetic
You are a SAP
by Anonymous October 23, 2003

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