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When a female (Girl) demonstrates wetness in the panty area.
Ohhh snap!! That girl be sapping.
Her vagina was sapping so much!
She sapped all over my bed sheets.
She covered my tree in sap.
by John Legcock April 18, 2011
Combining Napping and Sleeping
Dude I just Got finished Sapping.
by xxNInjawolfxx December 17, 2010
When someone is being a sap, and they are sweating something a lot.
Stop sapping on your phone.
by Dickhead HenryMalcolm May 15, 2013
Origin: A more appropriate way of saying "Yackabating." The s is for "self" and apping is from "yapping."

Def: To talk to oneself
Bob: Hey, I won the race!
Bob: Oh, well nice.
Bob: Hey, Thanks!

Joe: Hey Bob, stop sapping.
by SilusW April 04, 2005

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