Irish slang; sad ass prick.
You're nothing but an ol sap.
by Mc FaItHlEsS November 02, 2012
Another term for sperm or seemen. more derogatory like, jizz or cum.
1. "last night i sapped all over her!"
2. "yeah, she made me sap"
by sir. Awesome-o December 07, 2009
smoke a pile. to smoke some weed
"Yo, wanna sap after school?"
"sure, you got pitch?"
by walking pylon January 05, 2011
stupid ass person
That s.a.p. didn't know the difference between being funny and being stupid.
by one real S.A.P. for submitting October 25, 2009
A commercially sold Enterprise Resource Planning system integrating most business functions into a single meta-program.
SAP is so complicated that for most businesses it's like driving a drywall nail with a B52.
by Cloudy Day March 29, 2004
To mess up your chances of hooking up with someone by acting foolish at the last second.
"I had her in my bed but then I told her I just wanted a physical relationship and she took off." "Wow, you sure saps that one up."
by jason July 11, 2003
Software used to run many large companies. Acronym stands for Slow And Painful
Coca Cola runs SAP software
by basis guy April 04, 2012

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