Some guy who thinks his shit don't stink.
Since Bob got his new dubs, he thinks he's a fucking saps.
by heyy\'all August 02, 2003
drinking or sipping an alcoholic beverage in a social atmosphere.
Yo dog, you down to sap on some brew tonight?
by bpchampionoftheworld June 09, 2009
Sad And Pathetic
You are a SAP
by Anonymous October 23, 2003
Swoop and Poop
When your boss, who normally stays out of the actual work most of the time, decides to swoop in and poop all over the situation. Abbreviated: SAP
by worke#1568 November 22, 2010
smoke a pile. to smoke some weed
"Yo, wanna sap after school?"
"sure, you got pitch?"
by walking pylon January 05, 2011
To mess up your chances of hooking up with someone by acting foolish at the last second.
"I had her in my bed but then I told her I just wanted a physical relationship and she took off." "Wow, you sure saps that one up."
by jason July 11, 2003
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