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originally from FOB, but has lost nearly all of it's negative connotation

refers to fashion and accessories and products from Eastern Asia

ie: Hello Kitty & Sanrio products
"Oh I LOVE my fobby eraser!"
That fobby notebook is sooo cute!
Where did you get those fobby socks!
"Get me some fobby gifts when you go back to Taiwan!"
by AsianAmerican April 30, 2004
derived from the word fob.
to act or express oneself as a fob.
To be entailed with asian cultures and/or language
Marie is very fobby today with her asian influenced clothing.

Her look was totally fobby with the tight jeans, t-shirt, halter top, and converses.
by anty April 18, 2007
from the word Fob.some one who is "freshy off the boat." Usually refering to an asian person.
DANG you look like a fobby with all that hello kitty on
by StarBurst_pop March 02, 2006
adjective of FOB.
that guy is so fobby, when he goes the the bar, he wears thong slippers and tube socks.
by stephanie rosero February 12, 2003
A term of endearment for silly and aggravating girls from certain Asian countries. Particularly appropriate for people with names such "Lucy" or ones that dance on poles or any such peculiar behavior. It's usually a blessing and a sign of good luck to be addressed in this manner.
"Oh my god it's Fobby!"
by bananana one May 28, 2008
the snobby, nonchalant attitudes of certain groups of "Fresh Off Boat" ( fob ) people (new immigrants, usually from Asian countries). These newcomers to a country stick to their own cultural groups and usually stick their noses up at the cultures of their adopted country.
He is so fobby because he only hangs out with people from his own cultural group and do not attempt to learn the cultures of his adopted country.
by echomyst February 06, 2005
Coming from the word fob, fobby is meant to describe an asian newcomer, usually from Thailand or Laos. Their style of dressing usually consists of ruffly shirts, tight, high-water jeans or funky colored sweatpants (purple, pink, lime, etc...), fake Calvin Klein apparel, and gold or silver spray-painted thong sandals or big black boots.
Her purple pants and green shirt is so fobby.
by Kajlug March 12, 2006
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