Stands for 'Stand Alone Player'. Used to make the distinction between players driven by your computer and players that run on their own embedded operating system. Typically used for DVD-players.
Does it the movie fail when you play it in your SAP or on your PC?
#stand alone player #dvd player #cd player #computer driven #self driven
by Wizzra April 10, 2006
Top Definition
A fool; someone who is prone to being taken advantage of, or who has been taken advantage of, usually in a situation that is easily perceived by others as foolhardy.
This is the third time Joe bought vanishing cream off the internet; what a sap!
by Sap_Master November 24, 2004
someone who is spilling out their guts about how they feel and such

you can be a sap when you are talking about how you feel about love life etc
joe liked mary and he always tell his boys that.
his boys would call him a "sap"
#sappy #sapper #fool #emotional #sad
by _bbycakes November 15, 2009
socially awkward penguin
Sap is only funny, because you can relate.
#4chan #meme #sap #socially awkward penguin #loneliness
by Timmeh234 May 02, 2009
Someone who is being love-dovey with opposite sex. Talking on the phone, texting, making subliminal messages on twitter or facebook.


Playing slow music, love music, being soft .
" last night my man was tryna sap "

" i'm feeling like a big sap "
#sapp #sappin #sapping #sapped #sap
by @ohhweeetiab September 22, 2010
The sticky stuff that comes out of trees.
person: aw crap! i've got sap all over my hands!
by sillysac August 29, 2005
Irish slang; sad ass prick.
You're nothing but an ol sap.
#sap #irish #slang #dublin #prick
by Mc FaItHlEsS November 02, 2012
Noun. Insult. A person whose character has a spiritually debilitating effect on others. Typically an unhappy person who perenially moans to others but can also be someone who exhibits annoying behaviour.
Mike droans on and on about conspiracy theories - what a sap!
by Dan Fox July 04, 2003
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