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Used to show that you agree with someone or just after anything someone else has just said. Also can be used for comedic purposes or counter insults. Pretty much can be used as a quick reply for anything.
Guy 1: Man, what'd you do last night?
Guy 2: Same.

Guy 1: Urban dictionary is the best!
Guy 2: Same.

Guy 2: Same.
by DucNukem January 15, 2008
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What you say after someone insults you. It is the last resort if you have been insulted with a "your face" comment. It confuses the big mean bully and they will go home crying to mommy.
person 1- hey fag! you're a dork
person 2- your face is a dork
person 1- same
person 2- hey! Now i have nothing else to say. Im gonna go home and cry now.
person 1- loser
by throbbingpinky July 08, 2005
A reply to agree with someone eles's statement.
<Luke> sup, I'm bored.
<Mark> Same.
by Mark April 12, 2003
A word that can act as a reply to literally any possible sentence imaginable.
Person 1: "Don't you just hate it when people say 'same' after everything?"
Person 2: "Same"

Person 1: "GAAAH! My leg just exploded!"
Person 2: "Same"
Person 1: "Really?"
by Blobby101 May 23, 2010
What to say after everything.
CitizenFish: WOWPROWOW
Insomniac: same
by Insomniac March 08, 2005
A dyslexic friendly shortening of the term 'same as'. Used as a sign of recognition for another persons situation.
Person 1 - That curry last night gave me such bad ring sting, feels like I've been raped by a wasps nest.
Person 2 - sames
by Jeffro Lucas February 16, 2007
One of the greatest words invented by man. Originated from a young school boy in Carlsbad.

Shows that you have experienced the same event as another person or you have the same opinion as another.

Short and to the point.

Instead of saying "same here." or "me too".. say "same" to not sound like a fag.
-"Dude. I want to go sky diving right now."

-"I'm done with home work."

-"I just saw the gnarliest move"

- The list goes on...
by muffin1234 May 27, 2010

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