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to be totally fucking lazy all day. laying on the couch, unwashed and embarrassing
"i dont know where the day went.. i just rolled around all day."

"i roll around every sunday"
by katiekelly September 29, 2008
to have a roll around is to have a one on one kiss and cudle 'session' with your partner which could possibly progress further.
luke says : hey dan how was it round your girlfrends last nite.
dan says : yea m8 was kwality, had a good roll around.. wat a session that was!
luke says : fair play blud
by bricklayer June 02, 2006
To lay on a mattress, bed of pillows, or futon and roll from side to side in order to alleviate depression. Is often used in unison with incense and soul music to enhance the treatment.

I am so depressed so I'm going to light up some Sandalwood, listen to Joss Stone, and roll around.
by Pensuave August 02, 2006
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