a word to say after any statement or anything at all.
person: ugh im so bored
me: same

person:i wish i was taller

person: sometimes i cover myself in chocolate then roll around in chocolate and pretend im chocolate
me: same

*building explodes*
me: same
by om&m July 11, 2013
when you agree with something or something pertains to you.
Danie: OMG!!! I just got Lady GaGa tickets!
Hanna: same

Maryam: I just watched Pretty Little Liars!
Hanna: same

Arthur: I'm changing my name to Laquifa
Hanna: same
by bacon101 March 20, 2013
Used in response to anything, usually over text messages. Often used when unrelatable, and symbolizes that you don't care, and aren't paying attention.
Guy 1: Hey, what's up?
Guy 2: nm u
Guy 1: Painting in Rome, by a beautiful river. You?
Guy 2: same
Guy 1: Really?
Guy 2: no lol
by Undefined Username November 30, 2014
Can be used as a reply to anything
Ben: I came up with a phrase the other day
Me: Same
by LOLAMERICAPLS November 24, 2014
The answer to every statement ever
Can be used in any conversation only used when you are not engaged in the same situation or action

Example 1:

Person 1: My Cat ran away.
Person 2: Same
Example 2:

Person 1: I'm am astronaut.

Person 2: Same
Example 3:
Person 1: I like tomatoes.
Person 2: Same
Example 4:
Person 1: I'm off that Molly
Person 2: same
by Usame bolt October 17, 2014
Sam-e is the type of girl any man would love to come accross, literally and figuratively. She is a beautiful girl, typically, with exotic eyes and a great smile. Sam-e is usually a name given to a girl who is sexually promiscuous, and has experience in the sack. Typically found in the local bars, blacked out, about to get some ass, or both.

Be cautious when approaching Sam-e as you never know what kind of mood she will be in; sometmes she is very friendly, other times, she will rip you a new asshole, and then make you buy her a shot.
Jermaine: Hey did you see Sam-e at the bar last night?

NiNi: Yea she was stumbling into a cab. Luckily she was bringing home a rando...hopefully he had a rubber!
by Beth87 January 15, 2011
a mixture of Sara and James.
kinda like Bradgelina, or niley

aww sames look so cute together
by Angelinaforgetthejolie July 16, 2008

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