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One of the best albums by green day!
Nimrod is a fuckin sweet album
by Insomniac June 16, 2004
FBH, the gaming clan that brought down GOLD, and noWedge.
The Federation of Bounty Hunters owned noWedge
by Insomniac April 20, 2004
When someone says one of the most random things in the world, you throw this back at them.
someuberguy: please don't cheat
CitizenFish: what? i like ponies?
Insomniac: same
CitizenFish: same
by Insomniac March 08, 2005
FBH_Dj is an online gamer who brought an end to noWedge's reign of stupidity. noWedge just so happened to single Dj out one day as someone to pick on. That proved to be noWedges biggest mistake.

Two weeks after noWedge's grave mistake, Dj got even, and destroyed noWedge online.
noWedge is currently denying that Dj did anything like it. But if that's true, why isn't noWedge still a Sysop at BSC? Point proven, noWedge got owned by FBH_Dj.
by Insomniac April 20, 2004
former lame-ass cs'er who gave up gaming cuz of some shitty crap reasons.
<Barracuda_>: who's kippekalv?
<insomniac>: He's a former gamer, but no1 cares about him anymore.
by insomniac March 12, 2003
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