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A place to deposit goods of value securly, which keeps them 'Safe'.
"Safe Jo.
Safe Steve.
Yeah safe safe.

"Thats is so safe of you."
"That song is so safe."
by Hendlesberry April 24, 2006
A gesture used when something or someone is really enjoyable. Can be used as a greeting or as a sign of agreement. Includes a hand signal of all the fingers clenched except for the thumb and pinky finger.
Alex: "Hey dude..Safe"
Dave: "Safe...I just purchased a new electronic gaming system"
Alex: "That is so safe."
Dave: "Safe"
by Respect_666 November 14, 2006
A state of being protected from harm or otherwise negative impacts; which can be used in description of both animate and inanimate objects.

Also, an object designed to protect other objects (or, depending on its size, possibly people).
I feel safe here, like nothing can harm me.
Will you keep me safe?

Put my money in the safe, I don't want it to be stolen.
by Kenjoki December 04, 2006
(noun) a condom
I slipped on a safe before I entered her.Decided to keep my sperm to myself.
by Jake January 19, 2004
Originally used in greeting safe has evolved into an adjective used to define soething good. also safe is used when showing grattitude upon recieving a gift of some sort.
"ayo wassup dun" " safe"
"take this twenty dollas" "safe dun"
"how was the movie" "it was safe"
by The Raven July 15, 2003
someone who is not in danger of being hurt etc
that man is safe because he is wearing a seatbelt
by bradley john September 04, 2007
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