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When a bunch of kids get in a car (most likely a VW Bus, most likely with tons of drugs, and drive to an exotic destination (like Vegas or New Jersey).

It happened more in the 70s.
Dude, let's go to Vegas! Hell yeah! Road Trip!!
by Auduck October 14, 2005
The United States (Of America)
1. He was born in the U.S. Sure, he likes apple pie.
2. He was born in Mexico. Came into the U.S. across the Rio Grande. He picks apples, we eat the pie.
by Auduck September 26, 2005
Having high quality of character so as not to be the type of (most often guy) who will fuck you over through association; Not a shmuck. (See Fuck Over)
Who? Daniel? No, man. Don't tease her about him He's safe, so chill. No need to be starting fights.
by Auduck September 26, 2005
Describes an instance in which a teenager has been, like, totally left behind.
Dude One: Hey, leave Nick alone, man. He just found out that he's failing all his classes, his girlfriend's been cheating on him, and all his friends just went on a road trip to Vegas without him! He's been totally bus left!
Dude Two: damn!
by Auduck October 14, 2005

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