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n. in billiards, a legal shot that leaves the cue ball in a bad position for the opponent. This can usually only be overcome through application of skill or a kosmo.
"I played him as safe as I could, but I know he'll just kosmo his way out."
by notshown August 21, 2005
6 12
"what's going on" or "are you alright"
if you are meeting someone for the first time safe is usually used by making a closed fist with your hand and touching the other persons fist to greet them.
by Fusi Kid July 08, 2005
4 10
Used to describe a girl or guy, a girl more often, who is very pretty/sexy/cute.
That girl is TOO safe eh Lem?
by Joey Mcwicked January 31, 2005
3 9
Word used in the United Kingdom esp. London between peers meaning hello, thank you or goodbye.
safe for that bloodmeaning thanks for that friend.
by TOXIC December 20, 2004
9 15
Originally used in greeting safe has evolved into an adjective used to define soething good. also safe is used when showing grattitude upon recieving a gift of some sort.
"ayo wassup dun" " safe"
"take this twenty dollas" "safe dun"
"how was the movie" "it was safe"
by The Raven July 15, 2003
4 10
a word telling everyone that hears it that you are an idiot.
by katherineeeeeeeeeeBECK February 09, 2009
1 8
Having high quality of character so as not to be the type of (most often guy) who will fuck you over through association; Not a shmuck. (See Fuck Over)
Who? Daniel? No, man. Don't tease her about him He's safe, so chill. No need to be starting fights.
by Auduck September 26, 2005
3 10