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7 definitions by Bard

A loser who never has any funds and is always looking to bum from a friend. Also used as a term of affection amongst pot-smokers (who often don't have any money and bum bong hits from their friends).
Jefe you're such a grueller, I can't believe you sucked down the last of my buds!
by Bard April 28, 2003
From the gruellerese dialect: Insistent but informal request for something owned by another.
Hey why don't you bust out some of that chow, I'm hungry!
by Bard April 30, 2003
A distinct American English dialect which uses a variety of code-words to denote forms of contraband. Also included are variants of normal words or phrases, mixed up for humorous effect.
That dude spoke true gruellerese when he mentioned how safe he was when he macked out at the Mood Fart.
by Bard April 28, 2003
A code-word of the "gruellerese" dialect to denote getting high on pot.

See also: safety
Dude I had a bad day at work and was just dying to get safe when I got home!
by Bard April 28, 2003
A kid's sucker (or "blow-pop") that has been inserted into a woman's pussy.
I don't want to suck that spackle-pop, I saw where it just came from!
by Bard April 28, 2003
a term used by the great and knowledgable Bard. Bard is a greek god of the mountains and enjoys playing PS2
when Bard called upon his religion of "Bardleys" to give them a holy message he calls "BAHHH" from the mountain's peak and his loyal worshipers spread word throughout the land
by Bard October 24, 2003
A code-word of the "gruellerese" dialect to denote fruity buds.
Does anybody have any safety materials? I'm so unsafe right now!
by Bard April 28, 2003