people who are known as 'lads' are normally safe. 'bare safe' saying which means very cool. overall definition of the word is cool. jeremyjefrysafe
'bare safe' - very cool, swag
by jeffryjeremy1 May 02, 2013
-an official form if greeting
-a word to say to break silence
- Laura Barrett's word
- "safe blud, hows it goin?"
by lofty_lozza987 April 01, 2010
can be used as a greeting or as a thankyou
Safe man: hello man or Safe dude: thanks dude
by XSqueekX January 31, 2007
slang for condoms, used to eliminate any awkwardness in a social situation where you don't want everyone around to know what you are saying.
example 1
girl; "Damn I'm out of safes, do you have any?"
guy; "yeah, don't worry about it, I got this."

example 2
"there's no way he's getting anywhere tonight without safes"
by acrosome January 12, 2012
A word to ignore someones sentence.
Person 1: Your a dick head
Person 2: Safe.

k k dot
by CarterDiscreet May 06, 2011
Saves is the last half or so of a fag is commonly used in pompey
by daisyjennings July 11, 2008
Used to describe a situation in which things turn out good.
Dude 1, "I think I'm going to hired for that new job I applied for."

Dude 2, "safe"
by noname June 27, 2004

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