Socially Awkward/ A Person who is Socially Awkward.

These people will deny the fact that they truly are S-A
Megan: "Hi you've reached Margaret I don't um.. *awkward giggle*...Oh My God I hate you goodbye!"

Margaret: Dude, Megan you're such an S-A!
by FlotationDevice November 09, 2008
A code word for Sugardaddies used by gold diggers. It comes from Seeking Arrangement
I have a date with a S A tonight. I hope he gives me lots of money!
by LAVixen October 20, 2007
S.A.S known as sweaty anal sex or sweaty asain scrotum is an intense sexual position that fuck ugly people do to make richard to be born.

Mainly in beastiality or Gingers
When a donkey and richards mum have S.A.S it makes a fuck ugly retard named richard.

Or when two gingers rape it out with a horse it it called S.A.S
by hujanus September 26, 2009
1. The informal "sir" used by jazzmen and other hipsters. The coolest and most popular usage of the word.

2. What slaves used to call the dumbshit rednecks with more guns (slave masters) for short.

3. Something Jar Jar Binks says in his dialogue for no reason... that asshat.
Yesss sa' - he can slap dat bass like a desperate hooka's ass!
by Bebop Anonymous June 23, 2005
Snotty Ass Slut : A person who brags about getting with a bunch of different people in a snotty way. Someone with a slutty attitude who's also very concieted about it.
lol, you're such a S.A.S.
by bohemea April 29, 2011
smart ass
some one who has a smart ass comment about every single thing
that kid over there is being a major s.a.!
by amyzing April 21, 2008
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