"Sa" is the shortest possible REAL last name known to man. It comes from the portuguese heritages, mainly from the islands of the Acores. Not many decendents of the "Sa" family still exist. Most of them are now found in current day american, in cities thriving with a portuguese population.
His last name is Sa, thats so cool!
by Dr. Freemont May 31, 2007
(Pronounced essay) This a code used when a person see's a large group of sluts. S.A stands for Slut Alert. This can be a highly successful way of slaging off people in an area densely populated by sluts.
Yo look busy S.A straight ahead.
Man that girl is sexulated but she is hanging around with too many S.A's.
Burlud there aren't enough S.A's in North Weezy
by North Weezy June 02, 2006
Hey, whats up SA?
by John Doe July 01, 2003
Server Administrator, A server Admin that controls and mostly owns the server.
(sa) Server Administrator
by Drehmini April 11, 2005
Strictly Anal. Someone who will only accept sex if it is through sodomy.
"You see that skank, man? I hear she's SA!"
by Chronic Munchies March 31, 2005
Sexaholics Anonymous.
A Twelve-Step fellowship / group in the tradition of AA. For people who believe they are sex addicts. In some areas, the group is called Sex and Love-aholics Anonymous (SLA).
"SA meetings are a great place to go if you want to get laid."
by Twelve-Step slang October 24, 2004
Abbreviation for Sex Appeal.
"Dudddeeeee, that guy's got SA!"
"Man, that girls got so much SA, I wouldn't toss for eating crackers."
"That dude has so much SA, I want his number!"
by paiger January 30, 2008

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