Can be used as an adjective to mean socially acceptable or as a noun to mean social acceptability.

A well-liked individual, the epitome of cool
SA conversation
John: Yo dude! How's life treatin' you man? How was your weekend?
Jay: Pretty good. Just cheel'd with my bros. U?
John: Not much either. You gonna do anything fun for winter break?
Jay: Yea, I'ma go surfin' with the bros in Cali. Gotta get away from the cold weather. U no what I'm sayin'?
John: Yeah dude. Awesome. Live it up.
by jsmithsmith December 13, 2010
The newly found ghetto way to say "sike." Some will say "seh" instead to be different but it's mostly pronounced like "sah." Very popular in Bethlehem and Whitehall, Pennsylvania areas.
Samantha: "Johnny, you're so cute! :)"

*Johnny's about to speak when Melanie jumps in and yells "SA! YOU'RE ANYTHING BUT CUTE!"

Johnny's dreams crashed and burned that day. Poor guy..
by whussupboi! February 22, 2011
Abbreviation for "Stay Awake". It's an anonymous group of people. Tagged in places with the symbal of a ghost with the bottoms dripping down and with the letters "SA" or "Stay Awake" to the right or left of it, followed with your area code on the bottom of the writing. Has no certain colors and is not gang-related. Stay awake means stay conscious of your surroundings, environment, and society. Basically stay awake to what goes on around the world don't shut down and ignore everything. Is usually tagged in various places and is usually small.
by groupmember4382903412 June 03, 2009
Server Admin, usually for a computer game
Dude, dont fuck with that guy he's an SA he'll ban you!
by Banhammer Evan May 07, 2008
San Antonio, Texas. Home of the Spurs and Taco Cabana
homie1" hey holms, wut you gettin into this weekend?"
homie2" Just goin to SA with some of the homies
by el hefe April 01, 2006
Abreviation for South Africa. A styling country on the Southern tip of Africa. Nelson Mandella is the man!!!
Lets go to sunny South Africa!!
by Peter Dalglish December 02, 2003
Special Assasination Squad - S.A.S.

Known from for example 'Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare'
"We have to send in the S.A.S! Now!"
by Legoknekt June 07, 2009

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