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Sam's Amazing Slops, otherwise known as S.A.S. This entails buying a can of vegetables and boxed mashed potatoes. After Sam puts entirely too much butter and milk and salt as well as not draining the veggies it will become a strange substance nobody can eat except Sam. He feels that it is amazing in all of it's sloppiness.
by stelladiving March 23, 2009
1 4
smart ass
some one who has a smart ass comment about every single thing
that kid over there is being a major s.a.!
by amyzing April 21, 2008
6 9
A play on the Spanish word ese. Means stupid ass.
(To someone you hate) Hey S A, que pasa?
by jack_cassidy April 01, 2006
27 30
A city in south central Texas; San Antonio. Also known as SATown.
Don't mess with the S.A. Spurs.
by Blount November 10, 2005
21 24
Sore Ass Syndrome. Soreness bought on by too much wipeing with sub-standard toilet paper after a dump. Soreness makes it difficult to walk and leaves a blood red deposit on your pants.
I can't walk fast, i've got terrible S.A.S.
by Oldman51 May 09, 2009
3 7
SA is short for Seduction Abduction, a term coined during the summer of 2009 as a means to describe a desire to abduct, then seduce, actor Jackson Rathbone. Since, SA has morphed into a society for single, vampy ladies ferociously going after men of their choosing. It is a source of support and inspiration for the sexually frustrated and emotionally deprived.

SA is also a rallying cry similar to "you go, girl."
"I'm going to see the ginger tomorrow!"
"Woo! SA SA SA!"
by Brittnaay December 08, 2009
40 45
SA - Spanish American
Who you tryin get crazy with SA? Don't you know I'm loco?
by Will March 15, 2005
65 72