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Sam's Amazing Slops, otherwise known as S.A.S. This entails buying a can of vegetables and boxed mashed potatoes. After Sam puts entirely too much butter and milk and salt as well as not draining the veggies it will become a strange substance nobody can eat except Sam. He feels that it is amazing in all of it's sloppiness.
by stelladiving March 23, 2009
smart ass
some one who has a smart ass comment about every single thing
that kid over there is being a major s.a.!
by amyzing April 21, 2008
A play on the Spanish word ese. Means stupid ass.
(To someone you hate) Hey S A, que pasa?
by jack_cassidy April 01, 2006
A city in south central Texas; San Antonio. Also known as SATown.
Don't mess with the S.A. Spurs.
by Blount November 10, 2005
Sore Ass Syndrome. Soreness bought on by too much wipeing with sub-standard toilet paper after a dump. Soreness makes it difficult to walk and leaves a blood red deposit on your pants.
I can't walk fast, i've got terrible S.A.S.
by Oldman51 May 09, 2009
SA is short for Seduction Abduction, a term coined during the summer of 2009 as a means to describe a desire to abduct, then seduce, actor Jackson Rathbone. Since, SA has morphed into a society for single, vampy ladies ferociously going after men of their choosing. It is a source of support and inspiration for the sexually frustrated and emotionally deprived.

SA is also a rallying cry similar to "you go, girl."
"I'm going to see the ginger tomorrow!"
"Woo! SA SA SA!"
by Brittnaay December 08, 2009
SA - Spanish American
Who you tryin get crazy with SA? Don't you know I'm loco?
by Will March 15, 2005