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An extremely short individual, who is commonly referred to as both a fairy, and an overall bigot, primarily insulting individuals of Mexican descent. It is also common for them to suffer under the grandeur of being a pirate or gangsta.
He just got destroyed by his classmates for being a total Ryan.
by NoCreativity January 15, 2009
that asshole. comes up with ridiculous assumptions and makes retarded statements. Refers to things as excellent ideas and perfect.
Ryan your such an asshole.
by that_asshole January 06, 2009
a person who acts like a flying fuck
The dumbshit who poked me in the ass is a ryan.
by Ryanthefaithfuljew April 01, 2007
ryan is a name for someone with a square head. he often has an unusually small penis and has to 'decornerise' every 3 days. he does this by using a nail file against his head. ryan is also a GIRLS name, which suits this boy im talking about. ryan is a fat slob, and doesnt have a sense of humour. ryan has man boobs. (:
ryan came to school today, and people shouted SQUAREHEAD

ryan is a complete twatface and dickhead.
by Charlii0108 February 04, 2009
a guy that you would think would never cheat but then does
he thinks hes better than everyone but really has a small freckly dick.
he likes to break girls hearts and is a big homo
that guy broke my heart and cheated on me, he must be a ryan
by courtneyvoohage November 03, 2008
Ryan Verb: To be a Bag of douche/Queer/faggot
"dude, that guy is such a Ryan"
by Durka durka 1354 December 10, 2008
Big fags who enjoy sucking on the penis they like licking dick and enjoy rubbing gingers, they are usually bags of shit who are you damn ugly you want to cry
Omg that person is ugly he is so RYAN!
by Doctor Fag January 22, 2009