A very ugly teenage boy that looks like a girl. A Ryan is someone who you are embarrassed to be seen with or associated with. Being called a Ryan is a huge insult.
"Oh my god that kid is so disgusting looking."
"Yuck he's such a Ryan."

"Hey who's that girl with your sister over there?"
"That's her boyfriend...He's a Ryan."
by Shocks February 25, 2010
A homosexual slur, derogatory in nature. Intended for ridicule. Synonymous with gay, faggot, and other homosexual slurs
"Did you know that kid that jerks off to his Xbox all day?"
"Yea that kid is such a Ryan"
by DankWeed February 03, 2010
the act of being so fucking metal to the point of pure brutality.
shit dude that was so fucking ryan!
by The time August 10, 2008
boy with a nice tan......
that guy has a great ryan!
by spunkchick14 June 11, 2005
the most unexplainable person you will meet who thinks he is different than "most guys" but isn't except for the fact that there is no way to describe what it is about him that hooks you or repulses you, he cares for all his friends the same which makes it hard for you to feel like your special to him at all instead of just another friendly face, he gives great sounding advice with his fancy words but it never actually helps, he may be a liar and like all typical people and think he is better than everyone and never admit it, but he is the most trustworthy person no matter what, he has many imperfections and never notices the people who hate them the most are the ones who still love him
imperfectly perfect ryan
by BucketheadMasta January 22, 2009
A male that sometimes doesn't need to work for his skills, yet is generally natural. He is an easily obsessed person, usually with computer games. Although he is a layed back and calm character. He is funny and unique. He a person who sometimes isn't good at handling an inside joke.
You didn't deserve to win that race, you barely trained! Your suck a Ryan!
by Clarkey17 November 27, 2008
The plural for the term Ryan, which means, The most Gangsta ass Nigger that ever lived. (even tho i is white, and I mean really white kinda like snow)
Man you be trippin if you think dat Ryan is uncool, maaaan i outta smack you silly G.
by xXRoNXxWarriors <Xbox Gamertag December 21, 2008

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