Common SLANG for penis cheese. Often sucked off when he washes properly.

Ryan: Suck my dick baby I'll love you forever. Oh yeah that feels so good!

Chick 1: MMMM Fumunda cheese. With a tad bit of poop. MMMM

Ryan: Thanks bitch I've had better.
by MGoddess February 26, 2010
This is a difficult name to define because it defies many boundaries of human perception, let alone various languages. One of the closest translations that experts give is God or many other variations of that general idea.
Other definitions are thought to be:
The Great Spirit
Chuck Norris
Despite the fact that various names have been pinned to Ryan, its seems that all of the above examples (including that of God) cannot even withstand the magnitude of Ryan.
The reason this name continues to elude even the brightest of human minds is that the idea of Ryan cannot possibly exist in a dimensional state. Ryan is so powerful, it defies all laws of this or any other universe. Recent studies have shown that people who have attempted to comprehend this name have either disappeared, died spontaneously, or driven themselves into a pertinent state of insanity and/or catatonia. One common belief is that Ryan is possibly the grounds on which everything and nothing is based. It seems to surpass the idea of infinity. Quantum physicists report that this Ryan is Everything and Nothing. It or He is said to have unexplainable connections with the String and Superstring Theories as Ryan resonates within every single layer of the multi-dimensional complex and yet still exists beyond that point which is where scientists have lost the trail. Various theologists and spiritual leaders believe that Ryan is one who is, as they say, "The Answer". All attempts to understand this idea of Ryan have failed.
Ryan. Nothing else can describe him.
by PalindromemordnilaP April 22, 2009
a fucking asshole who needs to get a damn life. he's a loser and a loner. always talking shit about people hes jeaslous of. brakes girls hearts and then just doesnt give a fuck about it. then goes around and flirts with other girls right in front of her just to get her jealous
girl1: hey did you her about ryan and that girl?

girl2: oh yeah i heard he boke her heart.

girl3: well he doesnt seem to care much with all his flirting?
by ...,..., March 09, 2010
A stupid, cheating, dumbass!
I kissed a ryan even though he has a gf!
by rachyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy April 16, 2010
1. This man is the most perfect boyfriend. he's sweet, awesome at drumming and film making, and is a wnderful kisser.

2. True thug ass motha fucka. carries a sling shot everywhere. only tru thugs carry sling shots
1. "Ryan and Zinovia look so cute together"

2. "yo, watch out for that nigga Ryan, hes dangerous!"
by cumherenow May 23, 2008
Big lovable guy! Enjoys frequenting fast food emporiums. Loves to dance, but grinds on the ladies too much... Can never seem to find appropriate clothes to wear. Sexuality questionable?? Refers to himself as "Mr Fix It". Loves confrontation, knockin heads, and always has a BIG ego!! Possibility of erectile dysfunction, but claims to have an enormous package. The party is always at his place and sometimes in his pants!! He is quite the music enthusiast!! Claims to be a workaholic, but in reality doesn't really do shit!! Give this guy a bottle of bleach though, and he will turn anything white!!
I wanna take a huge hot dump on Ryan's chest!
by squishypanties February 03, 2010
A stunning man with a love of dead hamsters who haunt lady boys. They enjoy a nice set of baws and have great appreciation of hitler. Ryan's are also prone to early menopause and generally peak at the age of 17, thus causing a very dusty vagina hole usually smelling of haddock. Ryan's also enjoy a nice cock and a good teabagging.
Mary: 'why is it so dusty in here?'
Frank: 'ryan just opened his legs'
Mary: 'i think im going to sneeze'
by Da Beast Bawz February 07, 2010

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