Manwhore, pothead, who never texts back and laughs if he breaks up with you usually over text messages.


druggie who may or may not admit it, hates hookers, and home wreakers! he will like girls who wear way too much makeup. But a hypocrite.
Girl 1: Ah I hooked up with Ryan last night!

Girl 2: But he's my boyfriend?!

Girl 1: Oh you didn't get his text?

Girl 2: No he stopped after three messages!

Girl 1: Sorry he was busy getting high and I doing my makeup!
by bitch ass foo5 March 12, 2010
A synonym for fail.
Also the biggest fail in existence.
Ryan Ross.
by gabe;D September 18, 2010
A fat kid who cannot run up stairs. Or move very much.
Ryan - *breathing heavily*
Alex - "What did you just walk up the stairs?"
by AlexthePlatypus June 25, 2010
A confused gangster who shoots unstable niggers (which he may or may not call "Mondays"). He wears pink chonies especially when he is "going to the store" with his buddies. Do not let a Ryan look in the mirror too long or Pedro will possess his body. He adores his extremely hot girlfriend who is obsessed with him. Oh and his girlfriend is fucking awesome.
Ryan: looks in the mirror "damn!"

Laurel (hotter girlfriend): "i love you honey..."

Ryan: "You love me? Go make me a sandwich!"

Laurel: "fuck you Pedro."

Ryan: "... but i wuv you boo boo."

Laurel: "OK!!! :)"
by lololovesyou December 11, 2010
A Ryan can most easily be identified by the texture of his hair-despite the fact that he normally denies it, it really does look and feel like a horse's mane. He often has an uncontrollable urge to pelvic thrust during every action of his day, especially when in the presence of women. These women, according to his inner most wants and desires, have at least one kid, are pregnant, or chunky. Do not be fooled by his common late night "quests", they are actually an attempt to cover up is real late night adventures. These adventures appeal to him because they deal with sluts, sluts, and more sluts.

Be careful, sometimes a Ryan will style his hair, so the best way to spot him is look for his long tube socks that suggest he must have really really REALLY skinny legs. But a Ryan can also be a pretty cool guy, you just have to get over all the other things that he does in the beginning.

P.s. Don't let him touch you with his witchy fingers.
Hot Mama: Hey, is that a Ryan?
Ugly Chick: Oh ya! That's my main man. He is definetly a Ryan, his hair scratches your face sooo smoothly.
by Shiznit100 March 13, 2010
a short, irritating person that makes bad joke that he himself laughs at. not in any way the life of the party. Often scares away any and all women near him.
He's such a Ryan.

omg i can't believe that Ryan!
by Rbady April 18, 2010
A guy who will break your heart. A lier and a cheater..Don't waste your time with him.
Girl 1: Oh! Did you hear? I'm going out with ryan!
Heart Broken Girl: ...You will regret it. Trust me.
by </3NoLonger March 12, 2010
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