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(v) Messing around (usually on a ukulele) when you should be doing something important such as an essay.
Friend: Hey B, what're you up to?
Me: Well definitely not this paper! I'm Nunes'ing and eating some peanut butter crunch because I feel like poop.
Friend: Oh yeah, I was Nunes'ing earlier today. And F*** that paper.
by PwnagePanda October 01, 2008
A person who exudes Sexy. They could do anything from stripping to using the bathroom and it would turn you on.
Megan Fox is the best Nunes ever!
by q2e4 March 16, 2009
Generally a homosexual man that walks around abusing small children with a distinct lisp
O shit its a nunes RUN.
by TaS33 September 25, 2006