He likes boys and is very fond of fondling testacles with his tongue while the guy cums all over his forhead. He prefers to do this and many other disturbing acts with his best freind hunter.
Ryan loves hunters dick.
by Sadams left nut January 23, 2011

- Offten used to describe a faggot.
-Likes to chase little kids and contiue creeping people who he cant get.
-likes it up the ass.
-creeps anyone.
-looks stupid.
OMG did you see that kid? he is such a ryan!


OMG that kid is such a creep. what a ryan
by shovitupyoassnig March 27, 2011
Usually a pathetic excuse for a man; one who tricks, manipulates others and is cruel to the 968r468757th power.
hey what is that kid's name? he looks like a tool

ooo his name is ryan
by m6789 October 29, 2010
the biggest douche bag on the planet. refurse to himself as G-UNIt but is massivly gay and wears toms the stupidest shoe ever and extremely short shorts and is rude to girls and never had a girlfriend only boyfriends cuz hes extremely gay (even tho i love gay guys, just not him) :P and blames his medicine for his problems
"Ew, theres ryan" if u hear that u know hes coming
by brookeeee November 14, 2010
the best person in the whole wide world and is a straight up G!
Ryan is the best.
by oreolove5 July 10, 2008
The most amazing person you will ever meet. Super smart, organized, caring, loving, dedicated, emotional, etc. An awesome baseball player, great student, amazing person, and even better boyfriend. One of a kind. ;) anyone to let this one go is just stupid...as close to perfect as you could ever get. I love you and can't wait for our future. :)
I love Ryan.
by Gordyyy June 13, 2009
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