Ryan is the love of my life and the only person i want to spend forever with. <<33 Forever and Ever Baby
Ryan will you marry me?
by JessicaBabydoll April 25, 2007
A male that is normally drawn to racing, cage fighting, and other male sports that he can watch to help him get an erection. Also might have more than one non-working vehicles and one that will only run if push started. With all of this combined, a Ryan is normally a

homosexual in nature and really, really really loves the cock.
"My God, why is he such a Ryan"
by 1whoknowsall February 03, 2010
The best man you will ever meet. He is a very good ladies man with like all of his class and he has a very nice dick. Ryan is the shit, and Kari is a book worm freak that is a lesbian.
Ryan is the nicest guy you will ever meet!
by Straight up G' March 07, 2009
a two-timing faggot who always gets what he wants. he cheats on his girlfriends and doesnt get caught.
person 1: "woa. did you see (insert name here) yesterday?"
person 2: "yeah. he pulled a ryan"
by michael_angelo_89 December 27, 2009
Short person. Loud. Annoying. And vertically challenged.
Ryan- "IM NOT SHORT!!!" (he's 4'11")
by theinformer!!! December 10, 2009
Ryan is somewhat of an angelic creature with vury nice teeth :D.

he smells fabulous.
he smells like angels descended from above and graciously pissed on his wardrobe for a feirce, but inviting smell.

usually, loves food.

and always falls for "not so tall" asians with a cute smile.
by ryan did nots write this ;) August 18, 2008
A very ugly teenage boy that looks like a girl. A Ryan is someone who you are embarrassed to be seen with or associated with. Being called a Ryan is a huge insult.
"Oh my god that kid is so disgusting looking."
"Yuck he's such a Ryan."

"Hey who's that girl with your sister over there?"
"That's her boyfriend...He's a Ryan."
by Shocks February 25, 2010

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