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The best man you will ever meet. He is a very good ladies man with like all of his class and he has a very nice dick. Ryan is the shit, and Kari is a book worm freak that is a lesbian.
Ryan is the nicest guy you will ever meet!
by Straight up G' March 07, 2009
a two-timing faggot who always gets what he wants. he cheats on his girlfriends and doesnt get caught.
person 1: "woa. did you see (insert name here) yesterday?"
person 2: "yeah. he pulled a ryan"
by michael_angelo_89 December 27, 2009
Short person. Loud. Annoying. And vertically challenged.
Ryan- "IM NOT SHORT!!!" (he's 4'11")
by theinformer!!! December 10, 2009
Ryan is somewhat of an angelic creature with vury nice teeth :D.

he smells fabulous.
he smells like angels descended from above and graciously pissed on his wardrobe for a feirce, but inviting smell.

usually, loves food.

and always falls for "not so tall" asians with a cute smile.
by ryan did nots write this ;) August 18, 2008
A very ugly teenage boy that looks like a girl. A Ryan is someone who you are embarrassed to be seen with or associated with. Being called a Ryan is a huge insult.
"Oh my god that kid is so disgusting looking."
"Yuck he's such a Ryan."

"Hey who's that girl with your sister over there?"
"That's her boyfriend...He's a Ryan."
by Shocks February 25, 2010
A homosexual slur, derogatory in nature. Intended for ridicule. Synonymous with gay, faggot, and other homosexual slurs
"Did you know that kid that jerks off to his Xbox all day?"
"Yea that kid is such a Ryan"
by DankWeed February 03, 2010
the act of being so fucking metal to the point of pure brutality.
shit dude that was so fucking ryan!
by The time August 10, 2008