An egomaniacal, cocky bastard who is a complete waste. He uses his so-called "good looks" and self-assured charm to trick the most amazing girls in both body and mind into falling for him and not the guys who actually deserve them. Some say he's a genius, some know he's a snake in the grass ready to strike. Always ready with a witty/smart-ass comment to any possible situation thrust his way, which gets very annoying. Also known for taking girls who were already spoken for or were in happy relationships with guys who deserved them. He's a can of prick wrapped in sexy.
Girl: Oh my God, look at him.. He's so hot.
Guy: No, you want to steer clear of him. He's a real Ryan.

Guy 1: Hey, so I just got this watch that tells me what the weather will be like.
Guy 2: Really? How's it work?
Guy 1: You put it on your wrist. -walks away-
Guy 2: What a Ryan.
by suckitspang February 25, 2010
Ryan is the love of my life and the only person i want to spend forever with. <<33 Forever and Ever Baby
Ryan will you marry me?
by JessicaBabydoll April 25, 2007
A male that is normally drawn to racing, cage fighting, and other male sports that he can watch to help him get an erection. Also might have more than one non-working vehicles and one that will only run if push started. With all of this combined, a Ryan is normally a

homosexual in nature and really, really really loves the cock.
"My God, why is he such a Ryan"
by 1whoknowsall February 03, 2010
The best man you will ever meet. He is a very good ladies man with like all of his class and he has a very nice dick. Ryan is the shit, and Kari is a book worm freak that is a lesbian.
Ryan is the nicest guy you will ever meet!
by Straight up G' March 07, 2009
a two-timing faggot who always gets what he wants. he cheats on his girlfriends and doesnt get caught.
person 1: "woa. did you see (insert name here) yesterday?"
person 2: "yeah. he pulled a ryan"
by michael_angelo_89 December 27, 2009
Short person. Loud. Annoying. And vertically challenged.
Ryan- "IM NOT SHORT!!!" (he's 4'11")
by theinformer!!! December 10, 2009
Ryan is somewhat of an angelic creature with vury nice teeth :D.

he smells fabulous.
he smells like angels descended from above and graciously pissed on his wardrobe for a feirce, but inviting smell.

usually, loves food.

and always falls for "not so tall" asians with a cute smile.
by ryan did nots write this ;) August 18, 2008

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