a runner is a slut, bitch, skank. a girl who runs around and will fuck anyone.
That girl over there is a runner. she`ll sleep with anyone !

she foulish, with tacky pointers
she ain't nothing but a runner like Jackie Joinus the team-It's getting hot
by anonymous March 27, 2005
The hardest bunch of people alive who run like beasts.
Runners are so cool.
by Steven October 31, 2004
1. Noun: A skinny white guy who runs a lot. Typically a member of his high school's cross country team.

2. Someone who participates in running for events such as races or marathons.

3. Carter Osborne*

*= This is the one true definition of "Runner". All others are a formality.
1. David: Did you hear about that runner who was fastest in the state at the 400?

Jon: Oh, that's obviously Carter Osborne.

2. Emily: I almost died! And there was a huge flash of white light!
Cory: That was probably Carter, out for his morning jog.
by Captain Romance April 26, 2010
Someone over the age of 21 who purchases alcohol for underage kids.
Man i really wanna drink but we cant find a runner.
by NastyNate691 February 10, 2011
Someone who uses the bathroom and leaves without washing their hands.
I wouldn't shake Joe's hands, he's a runner.
by lpigs August 22, 2016
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