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The contribution a member of a party must offer in order to get a share of food, drink or to participate in an activity. This is a popular way for expenses to be evened out, especially during parties when purchasing food or alchohol for a large group can be too costly for one person.

Related: share tax contributor - one who pays share tax
Jane: Gotta go on a beer run. Everyone gimmee your share tax!
Joe: Here's $5.
Mary: I'll give you $7 more.
Jim: I got another $10
Jane: Cool. Your cash and my $10 should get us a few sixers.
Joe: No way Jane, you don't have to give that much, you're the runner. Here's another $5
Mary: Yeah, he's right. I'll give you $3 more.

Joe: The group rate for the concert is cheaper. It's $10 a head instead of $17, but we need at least 3 more people that want insies.
Mary: Here's my $10
Jim: Here's a $20, I'll pay Jane's share tax since she's unemployed.
Jane: Thanks, Jim! Next time, it'll be my treat.
by scifivxn January 18, 2006
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