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To offer to pay not only for your own share, but for one or more others in your party.
Jane: Ice Cream would be great about now.
Joe: Yeah it would, but I'm saving my dough for a new i-Pod.
Jane: C'mon, let's go to Cold Stone, don't worry about paying, it's my treat.
Joe: Thanks!
#i'll buy #i got this #it's on me #antonyms: insies #share tax
by scifivxn January 18, 2006
Slang for the act of anal sex.
She wanted to stay a technical virgin, but I still wanted sex, so we got prison friendly and we both got what we wanted.
#syn: backdoor lovin #prison love #ass sex #buttfucking #rear entry
by scifivxn January 12, 2006
The contribution a member of a party must offer in order to get a share of food, drink or to participate in an activity. This is a popular way for expenses to be evened out, especially during parties when purchasing food or alchohol for a large group can be too costly for one person.

Related: share tax contributor - one who pays share tax
Jane: Gotta go on a beer run. Everyone gimmee your share tax!
Joe: Here's $5.
Mary: I'll give you $7 more.
Jim: I got another $10
Jane: Cool. Your cash and my $10 should get us a few sixers.
Joe: No way Jane, you don't have to give that much, you're the runner. Here's another $5
Mary: Yeah, he's right. I'll give you $3 more.

Joe: The group rate for the concert is cheaper. It's $10 a head instead of $17, but we need at least 3 more people that want insies.
Mary: Here's my $10
Jim: Here's a $20, I'll pay Jane's share tax since she's unemployed.
Jane: Thanks, Jim! Next time, it'll be my treat.
#insies #going dutch #pay your own way #antonym: my treat #related word: runner
by scifivxn January 18, 2006
pronunciation: in-zeez

Indicates the request of monetary compensation equally from all parties invited to share some type of food or event.
Me: I'm want some pizza but it's too big for me to eat alone. Anyone want insies?
Jane: Sure I'll go in on a pizza.
John: Pizza sounds great!
Mary: Not for me thanks, I'm lactose intolerant.
#going dutch #go in on #each pays for their own #share tax #antonym: my treat
by scifivxn January 18, 2006
An action taken half by accident, half on purpose. Mostly used to cover error, but can be used in times of extreme serendipity to brag.

Other usage: on purpodent, purpodental
EX 1
Joe: *trips while trying to jump over a bench - everyone laughs - he jumps up*
Mary: Nice bail Joe!
Jim: You okay?
Joe: Yeah, I did it purpodentally to make you laugh!

EX 2
Mary: *aiming for a target with her bow and arrow, shoots and misses the target, but hits the tree, knocking down a frisbee that's been stuck for 10 years*
Jim: You missed!
Joe: Yeah but we got our frisbee back! SCORE!
Mary: Thanks, it was purpodental.
#accidentally-on purpose #lucky miss #semi-accident #quasi-accident #lucky fuckup
by scifivxn January 18, 2006
The member of a group that goes out to get needed supplies, i.e. alchohol, food, ice, condoms, cigarettes, etc.

This person's effort acts as a deduction against share tax, and he/she is usually the initiator of insies.
Mary: We're outta smokes and beer. I've only got $5 but I'll be runner if anyone wants insies.
Everyone: Okay
Mary: I need your share tax.
Joe: Here's another $10.
Jim: I'll give another $10
Jane: I'm giving $20 to cover the rest of Mary's share 'cause she's the runner.
#beer runner #gopher #hunter-gatherer #antonym: share tax contributor #related word: insies
by scifivxn January 18, 2006
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