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The main symbol/emote of It represents sarcasm, irony, puns, jokes, and trolls alike. If you see this term used outside of, then this is not the correct definition. Usually used at the end of an ironic or sarcastic sentence. Sentences that contain a Kappa should not be taken seriously. If you search "Kappa" in Google you can see what the emote looks like, and why it is used as it is. Sentences that use Kappa do not always have to make sense.
You hold the speedrun world record of this game, but I bet you'll die on level 1, Kappa.
by R4D1AT10N October 13, 2014
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a kappa is a japanese water monster.

the kappa has a beak, webbed feet and a shell on its back and dwells under bridges, pouncing on any who attempt to cross the river. The kappa also has a bowl-like head, in which it keeps a small amount of water, and this is a key to apparently defeating this monster. when you are confronted by a kappa, your only hope is to make it bow to you, thus making the water fall out of its head and draining it of its power. strange, no?
here we are in japan. oh look, there's a river we must cross. good lord! a kappa! quick! make it bow to us!
by Eddybean May 02, 2005
Tenth letter of the Greek alphabet.
Kappa is the tenth letter of the Greek alphabet.
by SynysterMind February 13, 2015
A Japanese water spirit. It looks like a human/duck/turtle type of thing. They live in ponds and rivers and drag people in and drown them. They also pull your intestines out through your behind. A Kappa has a dent in it's head that is full of water, this allows it to go out on land. Also, Kappas are very polite. If you come a across a Kappa all you have to do is bow to it, the Kappa will have to bow back spilling the water on it's head and leaving it powerless. Kappas also love cucumbers, toss a cucumber into the water were a Kappa lives and it will not harm you.
People also portray Kappas as being very cute and innocent looking. These versions of Kappas are indeed irresistibly adorable, they make me want to squeeze their little Kappa heads off!
And yes, I am aware there is also the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority who think they're so elite because they've been around for so long. Well the REAL Kappas have been around since ancient times, drowning you and feasting on your soul!

Me: Omg! Lookit the ickle Kappa!!! Ah, wait! Omg no, not the colon!!!! *Tosses cucumber*

Sorority chick on Urban Dictionary: Omg! This definition says a Kappa is a Japanese duck thinger! Omg they're dishonoring our almighty elite-ness! *Gives thumbs down to definition*
by I Am Not a Hippie July 28, 2008
A japanese water monster that sucks your liver out of your anus. His second favourite food is children, behind only to cucumbers.
Ah crap better check on the children on the lake, a kappa might be there.
by darryl1204032 August 10, 2008
The 10th letter of the Greek Alphabet, but only fucking nerds use it for that. It really is a word that is synonymous with Just Kidding (jk)

It's most likely origin is from, where it is most commonly used.

Another origin that I know about was on a Minecraft Server Network called Project Ares (Now Overcast Network) back in mid-late 2012. The different servers in the network were based off of the Greek Alphabet, and was the last server added to the network before it's revamp. Somehow, it caught on, and people started spamming it on the forums, and it was given a meaning.
I'm going to jump off a bridge!


I just fucked my own dog!


I'm going to chop a watermelon in half and stick it up a woman's bootyhole!
by post_jp123 July 13, 2014
Producer of tight, Italian, sausage skin, football (soccer) shirts.
Damn, I cannot believe Wales went with Kappa Kappa tops, especially when they have fatboy John Hartson on their team.
by NJ Bhoy August 17, 2007
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