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A runner is a person that runs. A runner will run in any kind of condition. Rain, below zero temperatures, hot and stifling humidity, A runner will put on his/her shoes and run, a poser will not run in these conditions. Runners can be seen in many parts of the country or city. A runners faces many hazards including but not limited to, people talking on cell phones, women hauling kids to school, women with kids on board, old folks that have bad vision, dogs, mountain lions, bears, unattentive drivers, lightening, dehydration, frostbite, sore muscles, fat people that hate skinny little runners, bandits, mental blocks, roots & disorentation.
Some of the positive things about being a runner are that you will be irrestiable to the opposite sex, you can eat all the time, you meet a lot of interesting people and running is inexpensive.
A true runner is always in one of four states: 1. thinking about the next run 2. thinking about the last run 3. running 4. talking about running.
#1 "yo dude that lady in the SUV almost got you"
Runner "that is just a peril of the game"
If a runner has a problem he takes it on the road.
by takethathill August 20, 2006
320 144
someone who runs, not the same as a "jogger". A runner is often training for a marathon, 5k, halfmarathon, 10k, crosscountry race, or track meet. They are very hard working and HOT!
i saw this runner and they inspired me to go to the gym b/c they were so amazingly hot and cool.
by homefreys July 13, 2006
145 72
The hardest bunch of people alive who run like beasts.
Runners are so cool.
by Steven October 31, 2004
147 84
tennis shoes; sneakers
I got some new runners from Foot Locker.
by julie bing January 21, 2005
73 40
Someone who can do it longer and harder.
Runners do it longer and harder...in bed.
by Licy April 10, 2008
73 41
1. Noun: A skinny white guy who runs a lot. Typically a member of his high school's cross country team.

2. Someone who participates in running for events such as races or marathons.

3. Carter Osborne*

*= This is the one true definition of "Runner". All others are a formality.
1. David: Did you hear about that runner who was fastest in the state at the 400?

Jon: Oh, that's obviously Carter Osborne.

2. Emily: I almost died! And there was a huge flash of white light!
Cory: That was probably Carter, out for his morning jog.
by Captain Romance April 26, 2010
35 21
Someone over the age of 21 who purchases alcohol for underage kids.
Man i really wanna drink but we cant find a runner.
by NastyNate691 February 10, 2011
10 4
IN BRIEF: Running shoes.
MAN 1: Man, I like those runners. What are they called?
MAN 2: Nike Shox Turbo+ 10's.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant July 20, 2010
13 8