A verb used when referring to how well an offroad vehicle (usually a pickup truck) gets through mud.
Man, that Bronco sure does root through that mudhole down by the Pollard bridge!
by AlanP May 27, 2006
A famous dance established in Garden City, NY. To accomplish the "Root," you must put one foot in front of the other and move in a skipping motion. Your legs do not cross, and each time your front foot hits the floor, you bend down and dip your head.
I'm so happy tonight, so I think I'm going to do the Root!
by Jack Wein April 17, 2006
short for beruit, a game similar to beer pong.
by Taylor March 24, 2003
A slang term used to relate to marijuana.
Yo man, you got any root on you?

That's some dank ass root right there, can I get an eighth?

When are you picking up some root?
by lipz October 14, 2003
another term for ciggarette
gimmie a root u bitch
by Ymi so nice January 18, 2007
a homosexual man
also "ball root".
That bars for roots only!
by pee wee April 23, 2003

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