The first video game system you ever played in your own home, or another word for an early video game system such as the Magnavox Oddysey or the Atari 2600.
Hey, you see Pete has that Sega Master System, that's my roots man.
by Patrick D November 19, 2002
Short for "right out of the shower"
For mowing box, its best when she is ROOTS.
by FBD July 10, 2003
1. Australian slang for sexual intercourse

2. Australian slang for being extremely tired, worn out etc.

(basically "root" replaces the word "fuck" in sentances)
1. I rooted Sara last night
2. Hey Sara, you want to root?
3. Sara was a good root
4. dude, Tim and Sara had a root last night aswell

1. Man, went to the gym this morning and now I'm rooted.
2. I'd love to hit the clubs with you tonight, but im absolutely rooted
by mojoinst July 26, 2005
(n) (Austr./New Z.): Antipodean utility swear-word which fulfils a role similar to that of fuck but isn't quite so naughty - you could almost get away with it in front of your maiden aunt.

Whilst its original literal meaning was verbal - "to have sexual intercourse" - the adjectival usage rooted - meaning to be broken or tired out (equivalent to knackered, fucked, and buggered) is more the predominant one.

Often used with reference to, for example, the gearbox of an HQ Holden which has started smelling interesting towing a trailer up a hill.
Col, I think you've rooted the clutch, bro.
by Blind Electric Ray July 20, 2008
The core user in a Unix-type operating system (UNIX, Linux, BSD, etc.)
Dude, you got root permissions for the Pentagon? You are 733t
by Performaman November 03, 2003
A description of a diabolical person, "lower than dog shite", However somtimes aimed at the middle classes- a discription of apearance or attitude whitch differs from that of the (gadges) or (gadgies).
Used almost exlusevly in the Niddrie area of Edinburgh- East Scotland.
ROOT!- very audable exclamation aimed at random padestrians.
"You wan'tin a sair (dish) ya fuckin root"
"Shut up you root"
by Dr. Poppenstein April 10, 2006
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