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The police. Frequently two male police officers patrol together.
B: "Is that the boys?"
D: "I'll put out the blunt"
B: "False Alarm"
by freekyzeek December 20, 2006
Captain Jean Luc Picard addressing Wesley Crusher.
Have the boy report to my quarters. ohhhhhh yesssss.
by Play 4 Keeps March 29, 2010
Term made popular by the Fox hit “The Simpsons”. It’s the quick an easy way to refer to a male child with all female siblings.
Has anyone seen the boy?
by Grondinelli March 12, 2009
a man's testicles.
Honey, don't forget the boy.
Don't hit the boys.
by lode June 06, 2004
Referring to oneself in the third person as, "the boy".

Also could be used to describe others in the third person.
Raul: You wanna party later DJ Noodles?

DJ Noodles: Hell yeah the boy's trying to party where we going?

Raul: Your mums hause.

DJ Noodles: Im finna beat the boy's ass running his mouth like that.
by DJ Noodles June 23, 2011
a talented individual of which excels at a multitude of activities, and is known as that dude. Activities include fighting games, and dota 2.
come see the boy
Mike Ross
by comeseetheboy April 15, 2014
Used mostly in Scotland to communicate how cool or "ledge" someone or something is. Words like 'total' or 'absolute' can be used to enhance it.

Pronounced, The (Boh-yee) said quickly so it runs together seamlessly.
Derek: He's the boy isn't he.

Chris: Yeah he's ledge


Derek: Kelloggs Corn Flakes are stingin'

Chris: Yeah they are the absolute boy.
by afroguy10 February 25, 2009