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3 definitions by Frihet

To have sex.

"She wants to root all the boys"

"I had a root last night"
by Frihet April 18, 2009
A polite and politically correct way of saying yourself or someone else is overweight or fat.
I need to join a gym Im becoming a person of size.

I love persons of size.
by Frihet April 19, 2009
An older gay man around age 50-80* (can be as young as 30 but they arent as common) who looks to pick up younger men, they generally prefer 18 - 27 year old guys but when on the prowl any age will do. They show no mercy in their pursuit. They will quickly look you up and down then move in for the kill heading straight for the crotch.

When they are on the prowl they don't take no for an answer. Pepper spray can be a good repellent against cougays.
They travel alone as well as in packs.

* Not all men in this age group are Cougays

See also Couger for the female equivalent

Person 1 says: hey man im gonna go to the bar for a drink.
Person 2 says: ok
(Cougay spots the guy now all alone looks him up and down and goes in for the kill)
Cougay: (while groaping and drooling)You can come back to my place if you like
by Frihet April 19, 2009