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Term describing the top of the ass crack when it can be seen protuding from low worn pants. Usually associated with skanky old fat men and slutty girls trying to get some.
The plumber had a coin slot.
by Rohan January 22, 2004
Plastic explosive that can be moulded on to things for a good effect. C4 is the explosive used in claymore mines.
Put the C4 on this cars petrol tank and then watch it fly!
by Rohan November 16, 2003
A tremolo bar. You screw it into your guitar and when you're playing you push and pull it to stretch or loosen the strings, heightening or lowering the pitch.
Whammy bars are cool.
by Rohan January 22, 2004
A very hot man. A light-skinned, very handsome and charming man of South Asian Decent. Typically Punjabi.
1. Brad Pitt is looking very Ramanish today.
2. Damn that sexy ass dude look Raman!
by Rohan February 07, 2005
A stupid shit.
That clodover there is eating his breakfast backwards!
by Rohan November 16, 2003
Remote triggered mine currently used by the US military. It consists of many ball bearings which fly out when the C4 explosive detonates, making it a good plast explosive and a good area-effect mine.
We plant the claymore there, and when Saddam Hussein walks on it, blow the bastard straight to hell.
by Rohan November 16, 2003
Cockney (inner London) slang for blood.
Christ, that bastards got himself nicked! Look at all the claret he's spillin!
by Rohan October 31, 2003

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