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an ugly frumpy chick
She's a hottie, but her friend is a root.
by kevin wiley May 10, 2008
7 179
Aussie slang for sexual intercourse.
Can be used in place of Fuck, Bang, Womp and Screw.
If something is “Rooted” it is broken, stuffed and useless.
“Rooted” can also apply to a persons lack of energy.
“Oh, Susie is a hot babe, I’d sure like to root her”
“The car won’t start, it’s rooted”
“I went for a run this morning, now I’m rooted”
by Robby101 November 05, 2006
31 219
its when you have admin Privileges on a remote pc.
hey dude, thaks for this fast root!
by root September 10, 2004
25 226
Australian slang for sexual intercourse.
1. Gonna hook up with some chicks and get a root.
2. Been to this fully sick club the other night, got a good root with a bunch of hot chicks mate! Fully sick!!!
by bread infection December 30, 2005
56 260
The aetheist equivalent of prayer. Aetheists don't believe in prayer, so they root for things instead.
I'm rooting for your soul.
by Pollup December 02, 2007
27 233
...to make known to other people what a complete toolor douche you really are
Nate Alexander really rooted himself out when he told us he liked watching The Tony Danza show.
by jmay February 24, 2005
11 221
A shit talker
Joo r teh retarded root
by Haxxor January 04, 2004
6 218