A misnomer for an aerospace engineering.
Brain surgery huh? It's not exactly rocket science is it?
by praxis March 31, 2012
Top Definition
Rocket science is when the scientists find out things about space.
Judge Judy: "It's not rocket science. What is rocket science?"

Defendant: "Rocket science is when the scientists find out things about space."
by CommanderCool1111 April 08, 2009
(adj.) term used to describe anything considered overly complex to the average luddite.
It doesn't take a degree in rocket science to figure out that any email from a stranger with an attachment and a subject line that says, "I Love You", contains a virus.
by fugitive247 November 07, 2004
A phrase used by people too stupid to know that rocketry is an engineering discipline and not a science at all.
Manager: "Can't you do anything right? It's not rocket science!"

Worker: "Actually, rocketry is an engineering discipline."

Manager: "You're fired."
by Chelonian November 28, 2010
Gas + Flame = Altitude
Jimmy used Rocket Science to send his dog Rover 500 feet in the air.
by holdinitdowndown July 09, 2011
Rocket science is when scientist finds out things about space
....you make a mistake, that's what you have to do, make a mistake you did something from you negligently ruined her iphone you have to pay for that, simple as that, this is not rocket science, what is rocket science?

*laughs in court room*
by yongwei92 April 08, 2009
The study of the 'nether regions' and all other unsanitary manouveres and procedures involving the reproductive organs.
"hey jamie did u do ur rocket science homework on premature ejaculation?".
by Mick October 15, 2004
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