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Satan's annoying little sister.
Satan kicked Judge Judy out of hell because she was too much of a bitch.
by Jyles November 12, 2003
A bitch who needs to get laid.
QUIET! I AM HAVING MY PERIOD oh wait I stopped having those twenty years ago
by KingTT May 29, 2003
A sexual maneuver whereby one pulls out before climaxing, then blows his load on the female's face, then slaps her in the forehead with his manjunk and proclaims, "justice is served bitch"
Last night, I gave the judge judy to my girlfriend and she will no longer have sex with me.
by DUmch014 May 01, 2009
Stupid judge on television.

Outright mean, one person who needs a colon cleansing immediately.
Judge Judy's tv program is so horrible that I went to a shrink for help.
by Akit February 29, 2004
Some old bitch on T.V. who just yells even if you don't look at her, well why the fuck would you wanna look at that ugly old wrinkled face for? She yells way too much, you have to turn your t.v. down because of her annoying voice, and I hate her
Judge Judy is a bitch
by DizzyLizzy April 01, 2007
Judge Judy is none other than a yankee doodle judge who has the cases that are brought before her in court televised. One can only assume that these "cases" are fake, because they're all quite stupid like "Mr Gonzales threw a stone in my yard. I feel extremely threatened and like I can't even live at my home in the same way. He also deliberately splashes water on my driveway while watering his bluebells. It is plainly eroding the concrete away and I want full compensation for all damage costs. I am so discriminated against." And then the defendent would make their rebuttle which would be something of the same sort. Judge Judy then would ask her assistant to make the huge walk from the judges desk thing to the plaintiff and defendent's tables to retrieve pointless photos of the "crime scene", and then interrogate both with pointless questions and hand gestures.
Herman: Hey! Let's watch Judge Judy
Rolf: No way man... she brat in bratwurst.
by nowhere near September 24, 2005
a crabby ol' bitch (with a capital B) who wears judge's robes and gives judgement on a stupid court TV show. She is very irritable, very pushy and demanding and she degrades and belittles people in the courtroom. She always acts like someone pissed in her orange juice, she needs to be removed from the bench once and for all.
Judge Judy is on TV every afternoon.
by punkrqr March 19, 2007
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