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any plant grown without the use of soil
in nutrient rich conditions making the final product "Better"
That weed is hydro
that tomato is a hydro
by Otto November 02, 2003
Method of raising plants that increases production quantity and effieciency.
That's hydroponic pot
by Belllignorant June 27, 2003
grown in a solution of nutrients rather than in soil.
man, that's some sweet hydroponic herb!
by discosadness July 17, 2006
the literal definition of Hydroponic is "water working" or the greek words Hydro meaning Water and Ponos meaning Labor. Hydroponics is the process of of creating a system that is able to recirculate water while supplying the plants roots with nutrients in a completely soilless system.
john has a dope hydroponic system in his closet
by Blunt Trauma in san diego January 08, 2010
A convenient word used by shows to show that their characters can grow food anywhere, defying logic for the sake of everyone getting some grub.
Guy1:Man what the hell are we gonna eat in the middle of this desert?
Guy2:Dont worry! I know how to use hydroponics!
by syfy October 11, 2010
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