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The car that no French Baron would ever drive
De Guiche: Monsuier Dantes your LeBaron's lights are on
Dantes: Sacre bleu!
by ivanwave July 21, 2005
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The greatest car know to man. Made by God. The chosen vehicle of Barons in medieval Europe.
The LeBaron is a pussy magnet.
by Jimmythefish150 June 05, 2007
Gord's car, a luxury vehicle.
You bet your boots its a leBaron!

I only see one leBaron here Freddy. Do you see two leBarons?
by Freddy December 11, 2003
One who believes the Chrysler LeBaron is the pinnacle of automotive development.
Teh Lebaron can nevar lose.
by Scottwax April 26, 2003
Cause of most of the "Austin OT Drama"
"I've got a penile piercing, BOW DOWN, BOW DOWN!"
by pewp May 16, 2003
A vehicle that is generally driven by openly homosexual men.
Matt was rock'n out to some ABBA in his LeBaron convertible.
by Randy Chisholm August 17, 2006

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