extremely low body fat combined with good musculature.
Lifting wieghts made me big, now dieting will get me ripped!
by yo mama September 15, 2003
Any extremely lean, muscular physique.
The dude is fackin' ripped!
by Anonymous September 15, 2003
To prove someone wrong when in an argument. This includes an exchange of words, gestures or body language. It also entails when someone makes a point, and that selected point is wrong, and the other person makes the correct point.
Person 1: I am a boy.

Person 2: No you're not, you don't have a penis.

1: Shut up......

2: Ripped...
by dannyoboy1 March 25, 2010
Ripped (adj.) - 1) Having well toned muscles, see jacked.
2) Being extremely intoxicated, usually from narcotic use.

Rip (verb) - 1) To copy the files from an audio CD to a computer.
2) To pass gas loudly.
Whoa, did you see his abs? That guy is ripped!

Oh man, I was ripped last night from all of that pot.

I ripped the newest Jay-Z CD after buying it. You want me to burn you a copy?

I ripped one so bad last night that we had to evacuate the room for a few minutes!
by The Pants April 05, 2008
To get dissed horribly in a rap battle.
In Ether, Nas ripped Jay-Z...
by Killa Cley May 27, 2006
Being beaten in a verbal insult fight, the definition giving by someone watching.
Guy 1: Your a right wanker
Guy 2: Least i can wank!
Watcher: Wooah you got ripped!
by Easterino December 04, 2005
To have stolen the ball in a basketball game.
"He has no handle, I ripped it from him five or six times."
by EJ November 10, 2003

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